The KL Tower along with the Petronas Twin Towers are two of the most recognizable landmarks of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Going up the skybridge of the Petronas Twin Towers was one of the highlights during my trip to KL last year. This time, I had the chance to go up the KL Tower observation deck. Kewl! Another chance to enjoy an aerial view of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

421-meter KL Tower, the 7th tallest freestanding structure in the world

Going up the KL Tower

Basic package at the KL Tower (including admission to the observation deck) costs RM45 or PHP600+. There was a short queue at the elevators. We didn’t mind though. We were dazed by sparkling glass crystal ceiling of the elevator lobby. From the ground floor, it took an impressive 54 seconds to go up the observation deck.

Arrival at the KL Tower 

Intricate mosaic details

Glass cystal ceiling at the elevator / lift lobby

KL Tower Observation Deck

When the elevator doors opened, our eyes feasted on the panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur 276 meters from the ground. It was really cloudy during our visit. We only got to see nearby structures since visibility wasn’t great. It would probably best to go up the KL Tower during the late afternoons. I can only imagine how beautiful it would be to see KL sparkle at night.

Facing the southern part of KL

Maybank Tower, third tallest building in KL (243.5 m)

Masjid Jamek Area

Cathedral of St. Johns

St. Anthony Church. Love the gothic spires and tiled roof :)

Menara Telekom, 2nd tallest building in KL (310 m)

Stadium Merdeka area

HSBC building in Masjid Jamek

The Royal Malaysia Police HQ … weird to see a tall skyscraper as the police HQ

Facing the northern part of Kuala Lumpur.

Sunway KL Towers or Wisma Denmark (142  m). 

Towers of Vision City in KL. Tallest tower is the Menara DBKL (132 m).

Standard Chartered Tower (193 m)

Shangri-la Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The building looks similar to Shangri-la Hotel in Ortigas, Metro Manila

View of Petronas Twin Towers from KL Tower

The great thing about the KL Tower was the great view of the Petronas Twin Towers. The KL Tower appears taller than its more famous (and structurally taller) neighbor because it is built on top of a 94-meter hill.

Me and the Petronas Twin Towers

 Our tour guide showed us a cool trick to get interesting “pin hole” shots of the Petronas Twin Towers by using one of the telescopes. It was really simple. Just point your lens at the eyepiece of the telescope :)

KL Tower and Bukit Nanas

The Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve is located at the base of the KL Tower. The forest reserve in Bukit Nanas (Nanas Hill) is one of the oldest in Malaysia. It was really cool to discover a thick forest cover right at the center of Kuala Lumpur.


KL Tower Tips

  • How To Get to KL Tower: KL Tower is walking distance from Bukit Nanas Monorail Station and Dang Wangi RapidKL Station.
  • Admission:  Basic Package – RM45 (adult) / RM30 (child)
  • Official website: