I first time I saw the Kapupurawan White Rock was in a photo posted along Saud Beach, Pagudpud. I knew I just had to visit this interesting rock formation located at the coast of Burgos town.

I took a jeepney from Bojeador Lighthouse entrance and dropped off at the highway intersection leading to the Kapurpurawan White Rock.

The intersection was easy to spot since there was a poster put up just beside the highway junction. The locals I talked to earlier advised me to take a tricycle going to the actual site. The coast was still another four kilometers from the highway.

I waited for fifteen minutes but did not encounter any passing tricycles. Not even tourists or locals. The sun was already starting to set. I had to make a decision.

Deserted dirt road going to the Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation

The Long Walk to Kapurpurawan White Rock

They say bad luck comes in threes. Maybe good things also come in triples also. After my lucky streak at the Bangui Windmills and Bojeador Lighthouse, I wanted test my new theory by risking a travail to the Kapupurawan White Rock.

At 3PM, I started following the dirt road. The trail was (literally) straightforward at first. The only thing I did not like was the scorching heat, the dust trail I was making, and carrying a heavy backpack to top it off.

Attempting to tune out the discomfort, I listened to some brit pop tunes from my ipod. It felt like a moment during the first half of “127 hours.”

Orange dirt road leading to Kapurpurawan White Rock

Imagining I was at the Australian Outback 

Then, it started to get real. The trail went into curves and became less developed. There were tall bushes at both sides of the narrow dirt path.

My imagination kicked in with wild scenarios. Someone (or something) with evil intentions could jump out anytime from the bushes. I could end up in a bad situation and no one would be there to help me. Heck, no one even knew I decided to walk alone in that deserted trail.

I stopped walking when I came to a fork in the road. I had to choose between (1) going forward or (2) taking the odd turn right. I followed my instincts and went forward. There was still no sign of the coast after walking for 30 minutes.

The sky was already starting to get its golden sunset glow. Feeling lost, I doubled my pace.

I was so worried I didn’t even bother taking self-portaits along the scenic road.

I saw the view of the coast after walking for another fifteen minutes. At this point, I was just thankful I didn’t get lost and if I move really fast, I could still get back to highway before sundown.

I walked down the concrete staircase leading to the shoreline.

When I finally got a full view of the coast and the Kapurpurawan White Rock, I couldn’t help but take a breather and appreciate the beautiful scenery. The long and tiring walk under the scorching heat was so worth it!

Kapurpurawan Coast

I loved the raw unusual beauty of the coast at Kapurpurawan. I haven’t seen anything like it. There wasn’t a sandy beach bordering the sea … only a rugged layer of rock covering the entire cove. The persistent beating from the strong waves resulted into an unusual sight of shallow pools and sharp fissures. No tropical coconut trees either. Just bonsai plants, moss, and seaweeds.

The whole place had a very otherworldly feel. At the western end, was the strange Kapurpurawan White Rock. It was named so because of its characteristic white color. It looked like a large dragon, watching over the entire coast. The Kapurpurawan White Rock was definitely a must-see attraction in Ilocos Norte.

Kapurpurawan White Rock

Moving closer towards the “white dragon,” I took my time walking across the sharp rocks and climbing up the slippery white sandstone. At the top, I had a great view overlooking the whole coast.

It would have been nice to hear a geologist explain how this unique rock formation came to be.

Me at Kapurpurawan White Rock

After a generous time alone at Kapurpurawan White Rock, I was startled by the sight of three people coming towards my direction.

Turns out they were a traveling couple accompanied by their tricycle driver. Like me, they also came from Pagudpud but hired a tricycle service to take them to the Bangui Windmills and the Kapurpurawan White Rock.

I made a deal with them … take their souvenir photos in exchange for a hitch back to the highway :D I would’ve gladly done it anyways. I just didn’t want to do the long lonely walk again.

The tricycle driver left us at a sari-sari store along the highway at around 5:00PM.

I remembered I hadn’t eaten a meal the whole day! Forgetting to eat does happen to me sometimes. I guess the beautiful sights distracted me even more from my hunger urges. I bought 11 packs of boy bawang and 2 bottles of RC cola for a quick charge of calories.

We boarded a bus at 5:30PM and arrived in Laoag City, an hour after.

Finally, I was back to civilization!