| Baras Beach Beach and Lighthouse

I’m at Guisi Point in Brgy. Dolores, Guimaras again! It’s weird why I get to visit this place ever so often, even too often for my liking. The last time I was in Guisi, I was with my college friends. Now, I’m with a different set of people I’ve known over the internet (mainly because of skyscrapercity.com).

From Above | Baras Beach Beach and Lighthouse

This time was quite different from the others because I got to climb up the rusty old lighthouse, woohoo! The view from above was exhilarating :)

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| Guisi Beach and Lighthouse

Our next destination was Alubihod Bay, where we had lunch at Raymens. Alubihod is the most popular beach destination in Guimaras and for us, it was the jump off point to the resort we spent the night in.

| Alubihod Bay

Beachfront | Alubihod Bay

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| Alubihod Bay