As a travel blogger, getting a perfect set-up to get things done fast and hassle-free is always something I want to develop for myself. Having a device with online access is the only requirement to have a blog … how I wish it was that simple. As a blog grows, bloggers also feel the pressure to provide more for their readers. In fact, almost all travel bloggers I know (me included) always complain of having backlogs because they have too many write-ups they want to share but limited to make them. To explore ways to develop a better travel blogging workflow, I’ll post a bit of my experience and leanings being involved full-time in travel blogging. I hope this post would be helpful not to those interested to try out the travel blogging but also those with active digital lifestyles :)

Photo by Junelle (from Taken at Ford’s Point, Roxas City, Capiz

Blogging Infancy

I started blogging with Explore Iloilo. I only had the basics: a PC, an internet connection, and a camera (not even a dSLR). I believe, these are the only things most bloggers who blog for leisure will ever need. During that time, I was still in school and blogged during my free time. It was easy for me to maintain my blog since I didn’t have to get away from the city frequently and for long periods of time. I could manage going around the city limits or make an overnight out-of-town trip and then get back home to make my blog posts immediately.

Being a Full-time Travel Blogger

When I decided to be a full-time blogger after I graduated, It also meant having to expand my travels outside Iloilo and making more blogs that cater to a broader audience. I was having a hard time since I was away from home a lot and could not manage my blogs efficiently. I relied too much on my desktop PC to do all my blogging tasks.

After my trips, I would have thousands of photos piled up for sorting (and uploading) and many write-ups that I wanted to do. These, aside from keeping up to speed with everything I missed while I was away. I would regularly feel overloaded after pulling off all nighters just to get everything done.

My BIGGEST frustration was actually with my lousy internet connection with Smart Bro’s Share-it Plan. I posted positive reviews about Smart Bro before but, lately, their service in my area really deteriorated. As a solution, I lent out my 3G modem + WiFi unit to a friend, who had better Smart Bro reception in her area. Now, I’m subscribed to a reliable PLDT myDSL line and installed a wired LAN network at home to share the internet connection with my sister.

Getting the Perfect Travel Blogging Workflow

Aside from my desktop PC at home, I also have an iPod Touch. I use it primarily to view offline Google Maps, keep itineraries, write travel notes, connect online via WiFi, and to keep updated with my inbox and RSS Feeds. It’s also heavily loaded with music, movies, ebooks, and games to keep me entertained during the less exciting parts of traveling. Having an iPod Touch has been helpful during my trips before, but now, that I’ve gotten a knack for making longer trips (sometimes I’m away from home for months at a time), I decided to save up so I could buy my first mobile PC, a Samsung NF310 10.1” netbook (will be posting a review later).

Blogging has been much more convenient for me now. I have a:

  1. Desktop PC to do the heavy duty blogging and photo management tasks
  2. Netbook so I can start to work on my blog while I’m on my trips. Finally, I can start making my write-ups while the thrill of traveling to a certain destination is still at its full blossom.
  3. iPod Touch that I use to check Google Maps, itineraries I’ve made, and jot down short notes.

Setting-up a Convenient Home Network

I’m currently using a wired LAN network at home to share my PLDT MyDSL internet connection and sync all the electronic devices. I’ve been on the look out for a WiFi router so I can experience the wireless convenience. Coincidentally, PLDT just launched a their own WiFi Modem for their DSL subscribers.

I visited PLDT MyDSL’s site at and looked over the features of the new WiFi Modem:

  • Plug and play device just like the regular myDSL modem
  • Built-in router for easy internet sharing (no more need for a PC server)
  • 25 meter WiFi range
  • 4 port hub for wired (LAN) connections

The unit is priced at P2,200 for bundled plans (Plan 990 and 1299) and just P1,000 for high speed plans (Plan 999/ 995/ 3000). I’ll be writing a review when I get a hold of the unit.

I think it’s perfect for me and for anyone who has multiple WiFi enabled devices in their home.

I’m still continually developing my workflow so I can improve myself as a blogger. It doesn’t have to be this complicated for everyone though. Travel bloggers blog for different reasons and maintain varying blog niches. I’m also interested to learn about how other bloggers cope with managing their blogs. If you’ve got some tips, feel free to comment.