We went straight to Fragrance Hotel Selegie after a fulfilling dinner at Pasta de Waraku. Every passing moment is an opportunity to discover something new, especially if its in a foreign land. It took just one person to say the idea aloud to find out ALL of us were secretly plotting the same game plan: Taking a midnight walk in Little India. We visited Mustafa Centre despite the tiring 3-hour flight to Singapore. Great to know I’d be spending the next three days with like-minded travelers :D

Midnight walk in Little India, Singapore

Fragrance Hotel Selegie

The best thing about Fragrance Hotel Selegie was its super convenient location. Just a block away was the Little India MRT Station! From Fragrance Hotel Selegie, you could already start a walking tour of the historic buildings of Little India, shopping centres of Bugis (for gadget junkies wanting to score great bargains), or the luxury shops/malls of Orchard Road.

Superior Twin Room of Fragrance Hotel Selegie

Welcome surprise from Franz, the resident teddy of Fragrance Hotel. Although the budget hotel was no “Raffles Hotel,” the cute gesture more than made up for it.

Mustafa Centre in Little India

I had already picked up a few items at the 7/11 store beside Fragrance Hotel, when I found out I didn’t have any Singaporean money on me. Grrr! I’d forgotten to change my US$ bills at the airport. We walked for around 15 minutes to Mustafa Centre, a 24-hour mall located along Syed Alwi Rd in Little India. There were two currency exchange stalls: one right inside Mustafa and another across the street from the mall (the currency exchange stall inside Mustafa offered better rates).

Mustafa Centre in Little India

Mustafa Centre is known to bargain hunters for offering low priced electronics, souvenirs, clothes, fragrances, and imported food items. Filipino tourists wanting to bring home pasalubong to their friends and family back home will discover a great selection of imported chocolates (from all over the world) at Mustafa. Oddly enough, the only thing I bought in Mustafa that night was a pack of Mackie’s Crisps (natural sea salt flavored potato chips from Scotland).

Little did I know, the naturally salted chips went great with a can of Guinness beer I bought at the 7/11 store later that night. I wanted to celebrate my new ability to buy something at the 7/11 store (with the S$ bills I exchanged at Mustafa) :D Guinness, a popular Irish Beer, is one of my favorite beers but it’s not always available back home in Iloilo.

Guiness and Mackie’s crisp, great Irish-Scot combo

Little India at Daytime

I wasn’t able to wake up early enough to make a decent walking tour of Little India :( I did take some quick snaps of the “Ellison Building,” which was just a couple of steps away from Fragrance Hotel Selegie before checking out.

Beautiful street signage at Little India, Singapore

Two-storey Ellison Building, once the tallest building in Singapore … obviously a looong long time ago

Ellison Building located at the corner of Selegie Road and Bukit Timah Road

Facing Selegie Rd

Facing Bukit Timah Rd and Bugis. Looking at my Google Map got me confused. A canal is supposed to run through Bukit Timah Rd, right?! turns out the canal was recently been laid over to expand the busy road. 

Albert Court Village Hotel

Last glance of Fragrance Hotel Selegie

After a great experience in Selegie, we were off to our next destination: the Singapore Flyer!