I was excited to go to Fort Bonifacio Global City (FBGC) for the first time. It’s one the newest and most expensive bloc in Manila. I was so shocked to see the level of development there in just a short span of time. I liked Market! Market! because I really did feel like it was a market not just a rip-off name for just another mall. High Street is O-K, the place looks really beautiful but it feels very synthetic there, I prefer  the organic urban feeling I get in Makati.

I was looking forward to see the Pacific Plaza Towers because it looked good in pictures but when I was there, I ended up noticing Deutsche Bank more. I think it looks really good at night.

Market! Market!

Bonifacio High Street. Dog Walking is really popular there, I wanted to squish all the dogs, they’re just so cute and so many of them..grr…

High-rises in FBGC

I was with my friends from Skyscrapercity. They were supposed to take me to the American Cemetery, which is actually just a battle monument and not a real cemetery, but we got there too late. I’m still looking forward to visiting the place when I visit Manila in the future.