I’ve been a flickr member since December 2005, that’s almost 2 years that I remained a sub-user of flickr. While my basic need to have a place to host images has been satisfied, the limitations of being able to see the most recent 200 pictures only has made it quite hard to manage my gallery.

Fortunately, someone has noticed my dilemma too and out of generosity told me that I was going get an account as a gift. Thank You Wilnora! This will help a lot, as in!

You could just imagine the excitement I had when I was about to open my pro account for the first time. OK … I was able to open it successfully and as I opened my gallery, I found out that it contained “1,751 photos / 31,683 views“. I was shocked to find out that I’ve uploaded that many pictures of Iloilo these past few years. I was worrying about how long it would take to organize them.

At first, I made an intricate classification process but after hours of getting into it, I barely organized 100 photos. So, I settled for a simpler classification system, which is to just sort them by location. I’ve managed to finish organizing btw, you can check out my photostream here.

Finally, we’ll be able to see all the photos I’ve uploaded in flickr ;p

Another issue why it was important for me to get the pro account was the ability to replace the photos that I’ve uploaded. My photos have been stolen a lot and used without my permission. At least now, I can update the watermarks of the older photos.