One handy travel accessory that I brought with me during my last few trips is a new product called Headware.

Headware is a stretchable fabric with a tubular shape, much like an elastic bandana. Seems simple right? That’s because it is! and I’ve been using Headware because of it.

I used my Headware mostly for its intended function, which is to keep my head happy. I loved that it is lightweight and packs really small yet can be worn in so many ways and useful in a lot of situations when traveling.

How Headware looks after taking it out of my day pack. Shot in Manukan Island, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Here are the top 5 ways that I’ve worn Headware during my 3-week trip to Malaysia and Indonesia:

The Head Band

During long walks, something I like to do pretty often, wearing Headware as a head band keeps my hair from getting all up in my face.

Most appreciated when frequently squinting through my camera’s viewfinder or looking at the LCD screen and not have strands of hair in the way.

I love that the fabric is stretchable because it minimizes any unsightly “helmet hair” situation, a common annoyance when using head gear for prolonged periods.

Serenity at the highland village of Ngadas in Java Island, Indonesia

The Hair Tie

Keeps my hair back while hardly noticing that I have my Headware on.

Also taken in Ngadas, located within the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park

The Wrist Band

The only item on the list where I don’t have my Headware on my head.

Useful when I’m sightseeing under hot weather and want something accessible to wipe away sweat (before that must have photo-op).

Getting ready to do some heavy duty walking

A good old-fashioned hanky also serves this purpose but I tend to lose them habitually out of absent-mindedness.

After some time, I barely notice the Headware on my wrist and, obviously, I know where to find it when needed.

The Beanie

An excellent quick fix to bad hair days. When I just want to get out of my hostel room and do some sightseeing without worrying about how messed up my hair looks, I put “The Beanie” on.

 Also useful to keep my hair tame during insanely windy weather like when I was exploring the caldera of Mt Bromo, Indonesia.

The Neck Scarf

My favorite way of wearing my Headware, “The Neck Scarf,” keeps me warm when visiting areas with colder climates or during chilly nights.

Waiting for my steaming cup of Java coffee while enjoying the refreshing view of vegetable farms covering entire mountain tops in Ngadas 

Headware was also surprisingly wearable under hotter climates because of the product’s breathable fabric.

Cozy comfort in the midst of the pine forests

Headware is an excellent travel companion for backpackers especially those who love to travel light. It’s easy to pack, carry around, and dries quickly after washing.

An assortment of Headware prints and patterns are posted at their website. They have a couple of textured patterns that I’m really drawn to.

Prices range from P240 to P350. Headware can be bought by ordering online or visiting their partner stores.

*the product I used for review was sent compliments of  Headware