espresso central

To be able to support myself financially, I’ve started to open myself to freelance photography work. Me and Vince (a schoolmate and photo buddy) are nursing graduates and thought it would be interesting to call and ourselves as RN Photography, which makes recall easier because it’s quite an interesting way to brand our services. So far we’ve had a few clients including Espresso Central, a coffee shop located in the 2nd floor of Robinsons Mall (the one with the glass flooring in front of the food court).

The client wanted us to shoot their new iced coffee treats for a tarpaulin they will be displaying in their outlet. Initially, I was kind of hesitant because they also wanted us to make the layout for the tarpaulin. Graphic design isn’t my forte but I agreed since I know how to use photoshop and I could somehow make a decent output. It turned out okay but I was thinking of outsourcing future graphic design work to another more able graphic artist. We’re still finding whoever is available for this kind of work.

We’re also looking for more clients and right now, we’re charging very affordable rates because we’re just starting out and are still expanding our portfolio. We’re particularly hoping to find clients who are willing to hire us to shoot weddings but we also take any kind of work as long as we know we are capable to achieve what the client expects.