Next destination in Legazpi City, Albay was the Embarcadero de Legazpi, the premiere commercial and recreation center in Bicol Region. Being an enthusiast of urban developments across Philippine towns and cities, I was very excited to visit this grand development, which is HUGE especially by Legazpi’s standard. I was particularly drawn by its towering lighthouse view deck after viewing sweeping panoramas of the Mayon Volcano and Albay Gulf in WOW Legazpi and was hoping to get lucky in taking some decent some myself.

Legazpi Boulevard and Sea Wall Park

From the Penaranda Park along Rizal Avenue (P8 jeepney fare), it was very easy to get to Embarcadero since all jeepneys in Legazpi City pass by the place … or so I thought. Sometimes, the drivers skip going to the doorstep of Embarcadero if there are no passengers headed there. In any case, it is just a short walk along a quaint bayside promenade from the Legazpi Seaport.

Legazpi Port

Legazpi Boulevard and Sea Wall Park

Construction works at the sea wall bordering Legazpi’s coastline

View of Mayon Volcano at Legazpi Boulevard

View of Embarcadero de Legazpi with Kapuntukan (Sleeping Lion) Hill as its backdrop

Closer look of Embarcadero and its 30 meter lighthouse view deck

Personal Thoughts on Embarcadero de Legazpi

The name Embarcadero actually took a while to remember. I wondered why the developers stuck with it since, I’m sure, most people aren’t familiar with the word and it isn’t very catchy in the first place. To feed my curiosity, I did a quick search and found out that Embarcadero is a Spanish term for a pier or landing place. The developers envisioned to revive the glory days of Legazpi port district which was once a flourishing trading site of Spanish galleons during the Manila-Acapulco galleon trade.

During my visit, construction works in Embarcadero were still ongoing but there were already a handful of restaurants, clothing stores, and recreational attractions open. I’d say, it’s one of the most beautiful provincial shopping centers / malls in the Philippines and is iconic to Legazpi in a way similar to SM City Baguio and Ayala Center Cebu.

Embarcadero Lighthouse Viewdeck

The lighthouse is attached to the main structure of the mall. Entrance is at the second (or third?) floor with a P20 fee. The view overlooking the coast of Legazpi City was great but the upper third of Mayon Volcano was still covered with thick clouds. Local lore describes Daragang Mayon as a “shy” maiden, who would cover herself with a shroud of clouds (like a veil) and would only reveal herself to men with the purest intentions.

Perhaps it still was not time, the maiden of Mayon still had to be convinced of my “pure” intentions to capture her beauty. Another time then, I still had a few more chances before bidding my goodbyes.

Location Map