Three day travel itinerary during my first visit to Davao City in Mindanao Island (Southern Philippines). Since it was my first time, my focus was geared towards getting a personal view of the downtown area of Davao City, Samal Island, “meeting” the mighty Philippine Eagle, and eating an actual Durian fruit.

Davao and Samal Island Itinerary Map

  1. Iloilo to Davao Flight; Davao International Aiport
  2. Philippine Eagle Center
  3. Jack’s Ridge Davao
  4. Davao City Center
    Bankerohan Public Market
  5. Davao Crocodile Park
  6. Santa Ana Wharf; Davao to Talikud Island Ferry
  7. Babu Santa Beach
  8. Isla Reta Beach
  9. Monfort Bat Colony

Day 1 – Philippine Eagle Center, Jack’s Ridge

Arrival at Davao International Airport; My First Touchdown in Southern Mindanao

  • 9:10am – arrival in Davao International Airport
Arrival at Davao International Airport; My First Touchdown in Southern Mindanao

Arrival at Davao International Airport, third busiest airport  in the Philippines.

Arrival at Davao International Airport; My First Touchdown in Southern Mindanao

Giant durian sculpture at Davao International Airport

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  • Walk to highway outside of airport compound gate (approx. 500m from the passenger terminal).
  • Cross street and ride jeepney to Downtown Davao (has “Claveria” on the jeepney route) – P15 fare
  • 10:00am – drop off at Bangoy St., Downtown, Davao City
  • Walk to My Hotel Davao. Check-in.
    • Single fan room (shared TB) – P250 per night + P200 deposit (refundable upon check-out)

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Philippine Eagle Center and Davao City Water District

  • Walk to Bankerohan (Public) Market
  • Ride “hop-on hop-off” van to Calinan (45 minutes) – P40
  • Ride habal-habal to Malagos Water District – P20
  • 1:15pm – Davao City Water District – P5 entrance fee
  • 1:30pm – Philippine Eagle Center – P50 entrance fee

  • Ride habal-habal back to Calinan – P20
  • Ride jeep back to highway (“Ulas” intersection) – P20

Attempted to visit Eden Nature Park. I was discouraged when I went to Toril and asked about transportation getting there. There was no way to commute and it would have been too expensive to hire a tricycle/taxi by myself so I decided to go back to Davao instead.

  • 4:45pm – Ride jeep back to NCCC Davao. Quick visit to NCCC and Matina Town Square

Jack’s Ridge Davao

  • Ride jeep to intersection going to Jack’s Ridge (cor MacArthur Highway – Santos Cuyogan Rd) – P7
  • Ride tricycle to Jack’s Ridge – P10

  • Dinner at Taklobo Restaurant, Jack’s Ridge
    • Shrimp Tempure (Rebusado) – P243
    • Rice – P23
    • Garlic Rice – P27
  • Taxi to My Hotel – P80

Day 2 – Davao City Commuting Tour

Around Davao City Center

  • 11:00am – walk to Davao City Hall area

Davao City Hall

San Pedro Cathedral Davao

Around Davao CityAround Davao CityAround Davao CityAround Davao City

    • San Pedro Cathedral
    • Rizal Park
    • Osmena Park
    • Museo Dabawenyo
  • 11:00pm – lunch at Banok’s
    • 1 grilled chicken inasal, unlimited rice, 1 coke – P75

Bankerohan Market Davao

A taste of durian at the side street stalls of Bankerohan Market

  • 12:00nn – walk to Bankerohan (Public) Market
  • Buy 1 fresh (Arancillo) Durian and ate at the sidestreet – P35
  • Ride jeep to Ateneo de Davao – P7
    • Aldevinco Market
    • Marco Polo Davao

Aldevinco Pasalubong Center and Local Market

Around Davao CityAround Davao CityAround Davao CityAround Davao CityAround Davao CityAround Davao CityAround Davao CityAround Davao CityAround Davao City

  • Ride jeep to Gmall Davao – P7
  • Ride jeep along Santa Ana Avenue to Chimes Mall – P7
  • Ride jeep back to Gmall – P7
  • Ride jeep to Victoria Plaza / Pryce Business Park

Davao Crocodile Park

  • 4:00pm – Ride taxi to Crocodile Farm – P100+
  • 4:20pm – Crocodile Farm – P150 entrance fee. No crocodile show that day. Scheduled for the next day.

Davao Crocodile Park

  • Ride taxi to Damosa Gateway – P7
  • Ride jeep back to F. Torres St. – P7
  • Walk to Kasagingan Kapehan
  • Pre-dinner at Kasagingan Kapehan
    • Maruya supreme  – P75
    • Chorizo Sandwhich – P55
  • Dinner at Blue Carabao (Dr. 4-7 Sobrecarey St., Obrero, Davao City near Gmall). They have now transferred to a new location at 146 Montreverde St at the corner of Alveraz St. (near Magsaysay Park / Santa Ana Wharf right across the street from the Davao City Fire Department).
    • Pork Adobo, Pancit, Rice, Coke – P120
  • Ride Jeep to San Pedro St. 0 P7
  • Extended stay at MyHotel for two more nights – P500 (P250 per night)

Day 3 – Talikud and Samal Island

  • 10:20am – Breakfast at Kusina Davao (infront of My Hotel)
    • Beef curry rice toppings – P55
    • Native coffee – P15

Santa Ana Wharf Davao to Talikud Island Ferry: Samal DIY Day Trip

  • Taxi to Magsaysay Park – P60
  • Walk to Santa Ana Wharf
Santa Ana Wharf Davao to Talikud Island Ferry: Samal DIY Day Trip

Ramon Magsaysay Park

  • 11:30am – Bought fery ticket for 12:30nn “Jessa 3” trip to Talikud Island – P50 fare
  • 12:30nn – Ferry departure from Santa Ana Wharf

Davao City to Samal Ferry

Babu Santa Beach in Talikud Island, Samal by Habal-habal

  • 2:00pm – Arrived in Sta. Cruz Whard, Talikud Island, Island Garden City of Samal (IGaCoS)
  • Habal-habal ride to Babu Santa Beach (20 mins from pier) – P150 round trip fare + P20 tip
Babu Santa Beach - Talikud Island - Samal City 10-10 (667)

Talicud Island in the Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS), Davao del Norte, Philippines

Isla Reta Beach: Talicud to Kaputian, Mainland Samal

  • 3:00pm – Dropped off at Isla Reta Beach Resort.
  • Walk back to Sta Cruz Wharf (10 minutes)
  • 3:30pm – No passenger crossing left to Kaputian (Mainland Samal). Had to split a chartered boat with one other passenger – P300 for the whole boat or P150 each
  • Ride “Island City Express” Bus to Babak (45 minutes) – P40
  • Ride tricycle to Monfort Bat Colony – P60 roundtrip charter (P30 per way).

Monfort Bat Colony, Night RORO Back to Davao, Dinner at Lachi’s

  • 5:30pm – Monfort Bat Colony – P30 entrance fee

Monfort Bat Colony

  • Ride “Island City Express” Bus to Santa Ana Wharf
    • crossed Babak, Samal to Sasa Wharf, Davao City via RoRo (Roll-on Roll-off) Ferry
  • Ride taxi to Lachi’s – P50
  • Dinner at Lachi’s
    • Grilled Pork Ribs – P130, New York Cheese Cake – P45, Iced Tea (Sola) – P40, Rice – P20

Grilled Pork Ribs at Lachi’s

  • Walk to tricycle stop
  • Ride tricycle to Davao Medical Center
  • Walk to People’s Park
  • People’s Park sightseeing

People’s Park at Night

  • Walk to My Hotel Davao

Day 4 – Davao to Zamboanga Flight

  • 6:45am – checkout at My Hotel Davao. Claimed P200 deposit
  • Ride taxi to Davao International Airport – P120

Davao to Zamboanga Flight

  • 7:10am – arrived at the airport
  • Breakfast at the airport
    • Egg, Hotdog, Rice, Mineral Water – P110
  • Check-in for Davao to Zamboanga Flight – P200 terminal fee
  • 8:30am – Departure from Davao Airport
  • 9:40am – Arrival in Zamboanga Airport

Money spent for the whole Davao leg – P4,000+