Last Mach 23 I had my duty in Antique in the hopes of finally completing my DR Scrubs. It was already my 3rd time to Antique but it was my first time to have completion duty in the Provincial Hospital (Angel Salazar Memorial Hospital) in San Jose, the capital town of Antique. We rode the bus to San Jose at around 2pm. I took the seat at the left side of the bus since most of the interesting sites and the sea could be viewed at the left side of the highway like the of churches and the town plazas of Guimbal and Tigbauan.

The road is excellent up until the border of San Joaquin Iloilo and Antique where it gets a bit rough. You’ll know when you’re entering Antique because of the zig-zagging road. It can get scary because some parts of the highway are beside steep cliffs and the bus usually runs really fast during the turns.

We arrived at around 5pm and went to my friend’s house to unload our things. Our first destination was to see the sunset along the beautiful coast of San Jose. We went to this place called Danilo’s since it was one of the more popular resorts there but when we arrived the beach was full of people, which could probably be because it was holy week. Seeking a more peaceful place to enjoy the sunset, we had a very long walk to a resort called Camea/Kamea, which my friend recommended. There, we had a little snack and sat along the beach as the sun set gracefully into the horizon.We then went back to our friends house.

We had our completion duty at around 8pm. After the night was over, and I mean 8 in the morning, there was enough deliveries for me to complete my scrubs! Yey! I was one step closer to completing my requirements for graduation.

We then tagged along with my friend and her family to lunch with their other relatives living in Brgy. San Pedro Antique. My friend told me that Brgy. San Pedro is the largest in San Jose. It used to be a seperate town and had its own Spanish-colonial church. After taking our lunch, we visited the old church of Brgy. San Pedro. What was left of it is the ruins of the facade and walls of the church. The interiors of the church was turned into a garden/grotto and a new brightly-colored church was built nearby.

After lunch, we decided to hangout in a cool resto that I previously visited. It was called Bondoc’s located in Binirayan Hills (sounds like Beverly Hills). We ordered some food and they were delish and very affordable.

Before the afternoon was over I headed back to Iloilo and had a long rest from my sleepless trip/completion duty in San Jose, Antique.