The late afternoon hours are a major part of my day when I’m traveling. I’ve already watched the sunset at Calaan Beach located past the northern end of El Nido town proper. To switch things up, I hopped on a tricycle (P10 fare) headed southwards to Corong-corong Beach. At first glance, Corong-corong seemed very laid back and looked more like a typical fishing village than a resort town. It’s a great place to go to escape the tourist crowd in El Nido.

Laid back Corong-Corong Beach

Really loved this low-tide scene in Corong-corong Beach during sunset

Corong-Corong had an unobstructed view of the sunset but I ended up walking two more beaches past its southern end. Two local kids I passed by told me the beaches were called Marimikmik and Santikan.

Even though my leg muscles were still sore from my stint in San Vicente Long Beach and the two days of non-stop island hopping adventure, I managed to walk at least 3.8 kilometers that afternoon  … the sunset was so worth the pain.

Was finally able to take “the shot” 

Again, I should have brought loads of inspect repellent. As it was getting darker, increasing populations of mosquitos started to feast all over me and wouldn’t leave so I could enjoy the sunset. Be forewarned if you also want to take sunset photos from Marimikmik/Santikan Beach.

It’s funny coz when I look at my shots, it gives off the impression of perfect moment (the sunset really was breathtaking, by the way) but I couldn’t always say that it was the perfect experience also. Like I mentioned, there was a colony of mosquitoes following me as I was taking these sunset shots. It wasn’t the best experience as you could imagine :) Oftentimes, when I look at astounding photos by other travelers, I also tend to think about the effort/experience they had to undergo to get those shots.

Dinner at Sea Slugs

Had dinner at this beachfront place called Sea Slugs with Fritzie and Ana. Ordered garlic butter shrimp with rice and two bottles of beer for P350. The food was nothing to rave about and overpriced, IMO, but it was great to spend time with my new friends. Even though I came alone to El Nido, I didn’t feel so lonely because of the new friends I gained :) The experience definitely made me more at ease to continue with my solo travels.