I initially planned to visit Calaguas Islands in Camarines Norte for my last stop in Bicol. Unfortunately, my plan didn’t push through. I had to pick a new destination … I found out about Lake Bulusan in Sorsogon after a bit of googling. Thank goodness Rex Tourist Inn had WiFi, otherwise I wouldn’t have known, in advance, about commuting to Lake Bulusan and the alternative way to get to Albay from CamSur. The popular option was to do the same route to Legazpi by riding the 4-hour ferry/van back to Naga and then a 2-hour van to Legazpi. Reviewing the map again, I saw a more interesting and shorter route via the coastal highway along the eastern towns of CamSur and Albay. I knew many travelers have done it but wasn’t sure if the infrequent jeepney/bus trips in that area would agree with my schedule since I was coming all the way from Caramoan that morning.

“Topload jeepney view” of Atulayan Island from the coastal highway of CamSur

Caramoan to Sabang Beach in San Jose, Camarines Sur

Before I left Caramoan, I made sure make a quick re-visit to the brick church to get morning shots. Caramoan has so many old Spanish-colonial churches with remarkable architectures. Reminds me so much of my hometown, Iloilo, where most of older towns still have their churches intact.

Caramoan Church / Parish of St. Michael de Archangel

I took a habal-habal (single motorcycle) to Guijalo Port and arrived at 6:45AM. After seeing the schedule posted at the waiting area, I was happy I made in time for the 1st trip. The pumpboat ferry to Sabang  left at around 7:20AM. Time to experience the beautiful seaviews of Caramoan again :D

Didn’t notice it before but Aguirangan Island had a really awesome view of Mayon Volcano, OMG! Spending the night there and waking up to the great view would definitely be legen … wait for it …dary … legendary!

Not again ;(

Sabang to Albay via CamSur’s PARTIDO Coastal Highway

When I arrived at Sabang Beach at 9:00AM, I didn’t find a jeep around only the vans going back to Naga City. I approached a habal-habal driver and asked for assistance catching a bus, which plies the coastal highway route to Albay. He told me the highway branches out at Sagñay town and he could take me there. I forgot how much he charged me to take me all the way to Sagñay was but I remembered it was too expensive for my budget. I told him to take me to Goa town only so I could take pictures of Goa Church. The ride from Sabang Beach to Goa took 30 minutes (also forgot how much I paid him).

San San Jose Church (St. Joseph Parish) newly painted with a neutral grey, I kinda liked it :) so chic, but probably not its original color

San Jose Municipal Hall

San Jose Public Market

Goa Church (St. John the Baptist Parish)

Closer view of Goa Church Facade

From Goa Church, I took a tricycle to the town’s integrated transport terminal (P7 fare) and got on the bus to Tiga-on (P10 fare). Dropped off at Tiga-on Public Market and looked for the jeepneys going to Tiwi, Albay. While wandering aimlessly around the market, I eventually found the place where the “Tiwi” jeepneys were parked. Nearby was a carinderia (eatery) with a sign “Best Halo-halo” plastered on its storefront. Cooling down with the “best” hal0-halo after a long and hot commute was very tempting. Unfortunately, they were out of ingredients at the time :( At 10:15AM, I ate luch at the same carinderia while waiting for the jeep to fill up.

I waited for another looooong hour and a half. I was worried the jeepney would never leave Tiga-on. The jeepney finally left the market at 11:40AM … we were finally on our way to Tiwi, Albay via the coastal highway of Sagñay, Camarines Sur also called the “PARTIDO Riviera.” The jeepney ride from Tiga-on to Tiwi only took an hour … much longer than my waiting time >:(

The scenic view from the zig-zagging road in Sagñay was really great! I couldn’t help getting on the top of the jeep after seeing some of the passengers do it. Even though the midday heat was unmerciful, the topload seats were surprisingly tolerable because of the cool breeze. I covered my head with a scarf to avoid getting too sunburned :)

View of Atulayan Island

Closer view of Atulayan Island

Viewdeck of the Partido Riviera situated at the boundary between Camarines Sur and Albay

Video of my jeepney topload ride | music: “New Perspective” by Panic! at the Disco

The name “riviera” was inspired from the famous coastal landscapes of the French Riviera. Of course, I had no way of telling if the PARTIDO Riviera was really at par. France is still on my bucketlist of places to visit before I die ^_^

CamSur PARTIDO Coastal Highway Tips

  • Caramoan Centro to Guijalo Port habal-habal (15 minutes) – P40 chartered rate
  • Guijalo to Sabang Beach pumpboat (2 hours) – P120 fare
  • Sabang Beach to Goa Church habal-habal (30 minutes) – P?
  • Goa Church to Goa Terminal tricycle – P7 fare
  • Goa Terminal to Tiga-on bus – P10 fare
  • Tiga-on to Tiwi, Albay jeepney (1 hour) – P60 fare

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