The top destination on my eight week summer escapade in Luzon was none other than Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte. I was so intrigued by Calaguas after reading so many interesting posts by other bloggers, who’ve claimed that Calaguas’ long white sand stretch (Mahabang Buhangin) could rival Boracay’s “White Beach.” I’ve already been to many beautiful beaches in the Philippines but I’ve yet to see one that compares to the whiteness + fineness + length of the sand in Boracay, especially the part in Station 1 of White Beach. I was so excited when I found out my travel buddy, Fritzie, who I first met during my first solo trip in El Nido, was organizing a trip to Calaguas with her friends. Since it was a large group of around 20+ peope, we agreed to get a Daet-based tour operator called “Northlink” to take care of logistics. After finally seeing the island with my own eyes, Calaguas indeed deserved all the praises! It’s a must visit destination for beach lovers and sun worshipers in this side of the Pacific.

Day 1 – Journey to Calaguas Island

Early morning bus ride to to Paracle town, the jump-off point to Calaguas

Super strong waves during the 4-hour pumpboat ride to Calaguas Island

Finally, arrival in Calaguas Island!

Full length of “Mahabang Buhangin” in Calaguas 

Cloudy skies during on our first day in Calaguas

Watching over the inviting laguna blue waters 

Beach huts on the southern end of Mahabang Buhangin

Our tent colony on the middle part of the beach

My barefoot travail on more rugged inslandscapes north of Mahabang Buhangin

Strong waves at the northernmost tip of Calaguas Island

Not exactly what I expected to find in Calaguas. I’d love love to come back and explore more of the island

Awaiting a breathtaking sunset

Beautiful sunset colors setting in

Wishing I could just live in this moment forever 

Me, enjoying the nice sunset view

The flame dying out with the cool colors of the night creeping in

Day 2 – Calaguas Island and Surfing in Daet

Coincidentally, my friends from the summit trek of Mt. Pulag were also in Calaguas the same time of my visit. Had such a nice time in the island thanks to the great company :) Darius, the man behind Northlink and the rest of the crew also took great care to give us a hassle free and enjoyable trip. During the second day, the sun finally came out revealing the beautiful blue sky and full glory of Calaguas Island.

Simple breakfast of dried fish, scrambled eggs, fresh tomatoes, and fried rice. Yum! 

Finally, blue skies!

Starting the trek to a viewpoint on the southern end of Mahabang Buhangin

Overview of Mahabang Buhangin in Calaguas Island

Paracle Church (St. John the Baptist Parish) back in mainland Camarines Norte

Bagasbas Beach in Daet, the capital of Camarines Norte

Surfs up!

Kiteboarding in Bagasbas

Surfing in Bagasbas Beach

Wasn’t able to take a photo of me surfing :( It was my first time to try and I loved it! I’m dying for the chance to be able to spend at least a week to learn how to surf.

Day 3 – Road trip from Camarines Norte to Quezon Province

During the third and fourth day of my trip, I went on my usual solo journey. I wanted to visit a few sights in Camarines Norte along the way to Lucena City, Quezon Province, where I spent the night. Went to the historic towns of Tayabas and Lucban on my last day.

Kinalas in Daet, Camarines Norte

Elevated town plaza of Daet

Camarines Norte Provincial Capitol

Daet Cathedral (St. John the Baptist Parish)

Vinzons Church (St. Peter the Apostle Parish)

San Diego Watchtower in Gumaca, Quezon Province

Beautiful Gumaca Church (St. Vincent Parish)

Exquisite interiors of Gumaca Church

Atimonan Church (Our Lady of Angels Parish)

One of the strange ceiling paintings at Atimonan Church

Atimonan Cemetery Gate

Atimonan Pier. Got curious where the ferries went.

Day 4 – Lucena City, Tayabas, and Lucban in Quezon Province

Quezon Provincial Capitol

Lucena Cathedral (St. Isidore Parish)

Tayabas Church (St. Michael the Archangel Parish)

Central Altar of Lucban Church

Casa Communidad de Tayabas

Malagonlong Bridge

Lucban Church (St. Louise Bishop Parish)

Plaza Rizal

Nice implementation of ‘adaptive reuse’ in Lucban Town Proper

Pancit Lucban

Lucban Longganisa

More detailed travel journals and tips on coming up!