This is the Bohol itinerary I took during my three day do-it-yourself (DIY) tour of Bohol and Panglao Island. Instead of going direct to Tagbilaran City, I decided to take the cheaper fastcraft ferry to Tubigon Bohol. From Tubigon, I hired a habal-habal to take me through the Central Bohol highway going to Tagbilaran City. During the habal-habal ride, I got to visit the Chocolate Hills Viewdeck (in Sagbayan and Carmen town) and the many exquisite Bohol churches along the way. On my second day, I had a morning tour of the Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella and then a half-day DIY tour of Panglao Island. On my last day, I went to Baclayon to revisit the Baclayon Church / Blood Compact Site and followed the western coastal highway of Bohol back to Tubigon.

Bohol Itinerary Map
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Day 1

Cebu to Tubigon:  Starcraft Ferry from Cebu to Bohol

Cebu to Tubigon Starcraft Fastcraft

  • 10:00AM – Arrival at Cebu-Mactan International Airport.
  • Ride metered taxi to Cebu City Pier 1 (30 minutes) – P160 metered fare.
    • Regular white metered taxis are parked at the far end of the domestic wing departure area. From the arrival exit walk up the stairs across the road to your left, there you will find the taxi queue.
  • 10:30AM – Arrival at Cebu City Pier 1 (Quezon Blvd., Downtown, Cebu City).
  • Buy Cebu to Tubigon (Bohol) Ferry Ticket via Starcraft Fastcraft Ferry – P200 fare (12:30NN trip).
    • Starcraft Ferry ticketing office is located at Panaderia Bakery, which can be found outside the main gate of Pier 1.
  • 10:50AM – Proceed to Gate 2 of the pre-departure area – P10 terminal fee.
  • 12:30NN – Board Starcraft Ferry.
  • Cebu City to Tubigon, Bohol Fastcraft (1 hour)
  • 1:30PM – Arrival in Tubigon
  • Tubigon Walking Tour
    • Tubigon Municipal Hall
    • Tubigon Church
Central and Southern Bohol Tourist Trail

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Bohol Chocolate Hills Complex view deck at Carmen, Bohol.

  • Habal-habal (single motorcycle) ride from Tubigon to Tagbilaran via Central Bohol Highway – P1,100 (whole afternoon charter)
    • Commuting from one town to the other is possible but it will require a full day because of infrequent bus/jeepney trips in Bohol’s central highway. Commuting will definitely cost much less than what I paid for the habal-habal charter.
    • 2:45PM – Clarin Church
    • 3:00PM – Sagbayan Peak – P20 entrance fee
    • 4:00PM – Carmen Church
      • Chocolate Hills Complex – P20 entrance fee
    • 4:20PM – Bilar Man-made Mahogany Forest
    • 4:40PM – Loboc Church
    • 5:35PM – Albuquerque Church
    • 5:45PM – Baclayon Church
  • 6:45PM – Arrival in Tagbilaran City; Drop-off at Tagbilaran Cathedral

Sleep: Tagbilaran City

  • Walk to Gallares Street (5 minutes)
  • Winward Pension House (Gallares St., Tagbilaran City) – P250 per night (single fan room with private TB).
    • Recommended only if you’re looking for the cheapest place to stay in Tagbilaran. Basic rooms. Quite dirty during my stay.

Day 2

Bohol Tarsier Sanctuary

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Happy Tarsier at the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella, Bohol

  • 7:00AM – Breakfast at nearby carinderia – P66
  • Tricycle ride to Dao Integrated (jeepney/bus) Terminal, Tagbilaran City (10 minutes) – P30 charter
    • Dao Terminal is located beside “Island City Mall.” There are also jeepneys flying the Tagbilaran city proper to Dao terminal route for P7
  • 8:15AM – Arrival at Dao Terminal
    • Wait for “Sikatuna” jeepney to arrive. “Sikatuna” jeepneys have infrequent daily trips.
  • 8:45AM – “Sikatuna” jeepney arrived in Dao Terminal. Wait for passengers to fill up the jeep.
  • 9:30AM – Departure from Dao Terminal
  • “Sikatuna” Jeepney from Tagbilaran to Corella (25 minutes) – P16
  • Drop off at intersection (KM 14 highway marker) to the Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella
  • Walk from highway to Tarsier Sanctuary entrance (5 minutes)
  • 10:00AM – Arrival at the Tarsier Sanctuary – P20 entrance fee
  • 10:40AM – Jeepney ride to Corella town proper (10 minutes) – P10
  • Corella Town Proper Sightseeing
    • Corella Church
  • 11:00AM – Minibus to Dao Terminal, Tagbilaran City (20 minutes) – P16
  • 11:20AM – Arrival in Dao Terminal

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Dumaluan Beach in Panglao, Bohol

  • 12:00PM – “Tagbilaran – Dauis – Panglao” jeepney ride to Panglao (30 minutes) – P20 fare
    • Should only be 30 minutes but the jeep made a stopover at Clarin St., Tagbilaran City to get more passengers.
  • 12:40PM – Drop off at highway intersection to Dumaluan Beach
  • Walk to Dumaluan Beach (20 minutes)
  • 1:00PM – Arrive at Dumaluan Beach Resort, Panglao, Panglao Island – P25 entrance fee
  • Dumaluan Beach Sightseeing
  • 2:00PM – Habal-habal (single motorcycle) ride to Alona Beach (15 minutes) – P30
  • 2:15PM Alona Beach Sightseeing
  • 2:35PM – Habal-habal ride to Panglao town proper (15 minutes) – P30
  • 2:40PM – Panglao town proper sightseeing: Panglao Church and Watchtower
  • Habal-habal ride to Panglao Market Terminal (5 minutes) – P20
  • 3:35PM – Tricycle ride to Hinagdanan Cave (25 minutes) – P50 charter
  • 4:00PM – Hinagdanan Cave – P25 entrance fee
  • 4:40PM – Walk from entrance of Hinagdanan Cave to the highway (5 minutes)
  • Wait for a ride back to Tagbilaran. Very infrequent late afternoon trips.
  • 5:05PM – Multicab ride to Tagbilaran (15 minutes) – P7
  • 5:20PM – Drop-off at Cathedral; Walk around Tagbilaran City
Sleep: Tagbilaran City
  • Tricycle ride to Winward – P7
  • Winward Pension House (Gallares Street, Tagbilaran City) – P250 per night (single room with private TB).

Day 3

Baclayon Church and Blood Compact Site

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Blood Compact Site in Baclayon, Bohol

  • 10:00AM – Winward Pension House check-out
  • Jeepney ride to Alturas (waiting area for multicabs to Baclayon) – P7
  • Jeep ride to Baclayon church (15 minutes) – P7
  • 10:55AM – Baclayon Church
  • Jeepney ride to Blood compact site (less than 5 minutes)- P7
  • 11:20AM – Blood Compact Site
  • Jeepney ride back to Tagbilaran (15 minutes) – P7
Western Bohol Heritage Trail

5226623677 c368598347 Bohol Backpacking Tour via Cebu
Loon Church (Nuestra Señora de la Luz Parish) in Loon, Bohol

  • Walk to C. Mararao St., Tagbilaran City (roadside waiting area for multicabs to Cortes)
  • 12:20NN – Ride multicab to Cortes (20 minutes)
  • 12:40NN – Cortes Church
  • Multicab ride to highway (10 minutes)
  • Bus ride to Maribojoc town proper (20 minutes)- P15
  • 1:25PM – Maribojoc Church
  • Jeepney ride to Punta Cruz intersection in Maribojoc – P7
  • Walk (downhill) from highway intersection to Punta Cruz Watchtower (10 minutes)
  • 2:10PM – Punta Cruz Watchtower
  • Walk (uphill) back to highway (10 minutes)
  • Bus ride to Loon (25 minutes) – P10
  • 3:25PM – Loon Church
  • Bus ride to Calape (30 minutes) – P10
  • 4:15PM – Calape Church
  • Multicab ride to Tubigon – P15
  • 5:15PM – Arrival in Tubigon
Tubigon to Cebu City

Tubigon to Cebu RORO Ferry
  • Walk to Tubigon Pier (5 minutes)
  • Buy “Tubigon to Cebu City” ticket via JadeStar RORO (slow) ferry – P75 promo fare
  • Tubigon terminal fee – P10
  • Walk to jadestar RORO ferry
  • 6:10PM – Departure from Tubigon Pier
  • RORO (slow) ferry ride from Tubigon to Cebu City (2 hours)
Sleep: Cebu City
  • 8:10PM – Arrival in Cebu City Pier 3
  • Jeepney ride to Sugbutel (Don Alfredo D. Gothong Centre Blvd cor. Road East North Reclamation Area, Cebu City) – P7
  • Check-in at Sugbutel – P250 per night (upper dorm-type “business class” bed)

Total expenses – P4,000 approximately. Could’ve spent P1,000 less if I didn’t charter a habal-habal during the first day.

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