From Tubigon, I chartered a habal-habal (single motorcycle driver) for my day tour of Bohol Island. Since I needed to travel to Tagbilaran, where I planned to spend the night, might as well visit all the tourist spots along the way. I took the inland highway of Bohol passing through the towns of Clarin, Sagbayan, Carmen, Bilar, Loboc, and Baclayon.

There were two viewing platforms where I got to see an overlooking view of thousands of giant Hershey’s kisses shaped mounds, popularly called as the Chocolate Hills. The first viewing platform I visited was Sagbayan Peak, located 25 minutes away from Tubigon.

Chocolate Hills of Bohol, one of the Philippines’ most iconic tourist attractions.

Clarin Church

Quick snapshot of Clarin Church en route to Sagbayan Peak

Sagbayan Peak

Theme park-style viewing deck is the newer attraction among the two. Concrete paths lead to the main viewing deck where an good view of Chocolate Hill clusters can be appreciated. Sagbayan Peak entrance fee was P20.

Out of place much?

Main viewing platform is built on top of one of the hills

The view was nice but the hills were a bit too far apart. It wasn’t the picture perfect view of the Chocolate Hills I imagined. What makes Sagbayan Peak different than other viewing decks, though, was the backdrop of the sea and mountains of nearby Cebu Island.

I went inside the walk-in cage where tarsiers were housed in Sagbayan Peak. Aware of the suicidal tendencies of tarsiers when confronted with too much stress, I felt bad when I saw them in such a sorry condition. Tourist flocks were all up in their business, firing camera flashes, and even touching them.

I moved closer to one of the tarsiers to get a picture when, suddenly, the caretaker grabbed the poor tarsier from the branch and placed it on my hand. I wanted to have my close encounters with tarsiers but not like that. I hoped these kinds of cages cease to proliferate in Bohol or elsewhere in the Philippines.

For Tarsier encouneters, I highly recommend visiting the Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella town.

Carmen Town

Views along the way to the Chocolate Hills Viewdeck in Carmen town

Carmen, Bohol Church

Chocolate Hills Viewdeck

The Chocolate Hills Viewdeck in Carmen town is a government-owned facility where the famous postcard perfect shot of the Choco Hills can be admired. P20 entrance fee.

Viewdeck built on top of a hill

Stairs to the top of the hill

Last view of the Chocolate Hills on the way down