I was supposed to go to Baras Beach Resort in Guimaras for the weekend with my friend and her classmates. Me and my friend were already prepared to go on with the trip, we’ve already packed our bags and met in the city. Unfortunately, her classmates bailed out on the plan because it was raining and opted to watch a movie instead. We were quite upset about that because the trip was already planned weeks before and the rain wasn’t strong enough to be worried about, there were also no reported storms coming. Wanting to go on with any trip, we decided to go backpacking to Bacolod City instead.

San Sebastian Church at Dusk

We took the RORO (from Dumangas Port) and spent the night in one of the pension houses in Bacolod to save on costs. We had hoped to visit more spots in Bacolod City, but because of the rain we didn’t get to visit some of them.

Dumangas Port in Naluoyan Dumangas

Montenegro RORO Vessel – P60 (Iloilo-Bacolod)

Bacolod Pension Plaza – Double Room (P800)

Inasal at Manokan Country

Bacolod Central Business District

West Negros University Exapnsion

Familia Luzuriaga Cemetery

Chinese Temple in Bacolod

East Block

New Bacolod Government Center

Bacolod Adventist Medical Center

Lacson St. in front of Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol

PNB Bacolod

L’ Fisher Hotel Bacolod

Starbucks Coffee Bacolod

21 Restaurant Bacolod

Salvacion Building

Riverside (Pablo O. Torre) Meical Center

Colegio de San Agustin Bacolod

Terra Dulce Underconstruction (rumored site of T.G.I.F. Bacolod)

Horizon Tower

Pavilion Hotel and Resort

Weesam Express Terminal in BREDCO

Oceanjet Terminal in BREDCO, Bacolod

Montenegro RORO Iloilo – Bacolod Scehdule of Trips(P60 oneway)

Tristar RORO Iloilo – Bacolod Scehdule of Trips (P40 oneway)

Cebu is calling me!


Back in Iloilo at Dumangas Port

Things visited and done: Ate Chicken Inasal in Manokan Country, coffee in Starbucks, a few beers in Goldenfields, Eastbloc Area, new Bacolod Government Center, Cakes in Calea, Cinnamon Wheat Bread in Bacolod Adventist Medical Center, Coffee in Kuppa.