I’m still shaking my head on what I got myself into for my travel plans next month. I was originally planning on going to Manila during the third week of April and spending a couple of days to watch Aliwan Fiesta 2010, a showcase of festivals all over the Philippines on April 22-24 but then I extended it to a little more than one week after finding out about the 6th Philippine Blogging Summit to be held on April 16 – 17. So I booked my round trip flights online but after series of unexpected events, I ended up rebooking both flights and with two more “surprise” trips that I’m so excited about!

The Laoag City Float during the
Aliwan Fiesta last year

The first trip will be my second trip abroad. This time, it will be to Thailand and Cambodia. Although I’d be spending a longer-than-usual 10 days for the whole trip, the bulk of my time is reserved to cover an event in Siem Reap (Cambodia), which is the main reason for my travel. I’ll make sure to make the best of my free time though, so I can take a lot of pictures and make helpful guides/blog posts about the places I will visit. I’ve already set my mind on exploring the grand temples of Angkor, Bangkok, and Ayutthaya.

After the Aliwan Fiesta, I’ll be setting off to Northern Philippines for a backpacking trip to Batad in Banaue, Ifugao Province to see the famed “Banaue Rice Terraces.” It’ll be a physically demanding trip, enduring the long hours in the bus, and trekking across the mountain ranges of Luzon.

It’s going to be a month to remember!