For regular readers of Ambot-ah, you might have already noticed some changes in the look and feel of the blog. This is only the first step in my plans of improving Ambot-ah to a whole new level. This is in light of my plans of venturing out of my hometown, Iloilo, this year and traveling to more places around the Philippines. I’m very excited! I wonder where I’ll end up in the months to come.

Although Explore Iloilo and Pueblo Philippines will still be main priority blogs, Ambot-ah is still very important to me because it’s where I post a more personal account of my travels and where I like to bring out my thoughts, passions, and frustrations. I was reminiscing old blog posts and particularly the old tagline of this blog – “A life under the shadows.” I was quite surprised how much I have changed since then. I guess now, I’ve grown up and am ready to get out into the light and explore my potentials … but not like in the “limelight” sense, that’s just bordering on self-indulgence and over determination.

I’m still in the process of learning more on how I want this blog to be. So far, all your comments have been very helpful in determining what I should post more about. My itineraries have been quite helpful to a lot of people, and I wish to continue posting more of it. I’m also thinking of sharing more blogging and photography tips for all those starting bloggers reading. If you have any comments about what you like about Ambot-ah or suggestions that I should incorporate, it’ll be a great help on shaping up the future of this blog.