Four days in and around Agra, India for a tour of the Taj Mahal, Agra Fortress, and the old City of Fatehpur Sikri. On this trip, I was able to take beautiful photos of the Taj Mahal from various scenic vantage points and times of the day.

Itinerary Rundown

  • Jaisalmer: Golden City Fort and the Thar Desert
Day 1
  • Jaipur
  • Agra
  • Jaipur to Agra by Bus
  • Agra Hostel Check-in
  • Taj Mahal Sunset View from Shanti Lodge Rooftop Restaurant
Day 2
  • Agra
  • Fatehpur Sikri
  • In and Around Fatehpur Sikri
    • Jama Masjid
    • Fatehpur Sikri City Palace
  • Taj Mahal Sunset View from Taj Ganj
Day 3
  • Agra
  • In and Around Agra
    • Taj Mahal Sunrise Tour
    • Agra Fort
Day 4
  • Agra
  • New Delhi
  • Agra to New Delhi by Bus
  • New Delhi: City Center Tour, Qutub Minar, and Lotus Temple
  • Northern India
  • South and Southeast Asia

Trip Date — September 2013

Itinerary Notes & Tips

Day 1

Jaipur to Agra

  • 9:30am to 3:30pm – Ride non-aircon bus from Jaipur to Agra – R211
  • Arrival at bus stop in Agra (near Agra Cantonment Railway Station)
  • Ride auto-rickshaw to Taj Ganj – R80
    • Drop off at Shanti Lodge

Agra Hostel

  • Check-in at Shanti Lodge
    • Single fan room with private TB (free WIFI) – R300
  • Sunset view of Taj Mahal from rooftop of Shanti Lodge
    • Chai – R20
  • Eat at Shanti Lodge Restaurant
    • Mutton curry (R170), Rice (R40), Chapati (R15 per piece) – R225
  • Dinner at Join Us Restaurant
    • Chicken Briyani – R100

Day 2

Fatehpur Sikri Day Trip

  • 10am – Ride auto-rickshaw to Idgah Bus Station – R90
  • 10:30am to 11:30am – Ride bus to Fatehpur Sikri – R39
  • Lunch at Ajay Restaurant
    • Cheese Kofta (R70), Plain Naan (R20), Chapati (R10 per piece)
  • Jama Masjid
    • Buland Darwaza
  • Fatehpur Sikri City Palace
    • Admission fee – R235
  • Walk to highway intersection past Agra Gate
  • Ride shared jeep to Agra City Center outskirts – R25
  • Ride auto-rickshaw to Idgah Bus Station – R5

Agra City Center

  • Ride auto rickshaw to Mehtab Bagh – R150
  • Sunset view of Taj Mahal from across the river
  • Ride auto-rickshaw to Taj Ganj – R60
  • Eat at Joney’s
    • Malai kofta (R80), Rice (R30), Mirinda (R20), Naan (R15) – R145

Day 3

Taj Mahal

  • 5:30am – Walk to West Gate
  • Buy Taj Mahal admission ticket – R750
  • 6:00am – Gate opened. Was informed that tripod were not allowed inside, so I had to go to luggage lockers first.
  • Taj Mahal tour
  • Eat at Joney’s
    • Mushroom cheese omelette (R65), Coffee (R15) – R65
  • Drinks at Cafe Coffee Day
    • Cappuccino (R100+)
  • Lunch at Taj Cafe
    • Veg Thali (R80), Mirinda (R15)

Agra Fort

  • Ride auto-rickshaw to Agra Fort – R50
  • Agra Fort Tour – R300 admission fee
    • Forgot to bring Taj Mahal admission ticket. I should have gotten a R50 discount if I showed it at the ticket counter.
  • Ride auto-rickshaw to Taj Ganj – R40
  • Sunset view of Taj Mahal
    • Chai – R20
  • Eat at Joney’s
    • Mutton Kofta (R90), Naan (R20), Chapati (R20), Bottled water (R10) – R140

Day 4

  • 6am – Ride auto-rickshaw to Idgah Bus Station – R80
  • 6:30am to 12:30nn – Ride bus from Agra to Delhi – R192