In the Philippine Ilonggo language, “ambot ah” literally means “I don’t know.” After graduating in university, I decided to hold off on pursuing my profession to embarked on a free spirited journey of adventure and self-discovery. My travels have led me to many places across the Philippine Islands and Asia.

I don’t know where this path will take me but I’m certain I’ll get a lifetime of stories out of it.

My name is Marcos and I am a travel blogger and freelance photographer. Ambot-ah is my personal blog and aggregate of my virtual life, where people can keep up-to-date with my latest online activity.

Blogging has become my bread and butter, fueling my semi-nomadic travel lifestyle. My “work” basically involves visiting different places and writing about it online. While it may be perceived as one of the most stress free jobs in the world, being successful at blogging professionally, as I’ve come to experience, takes time, skill, and dedication.

In 2014, I decided to put Ambot-ah on the back seat and started to venture on to bigger projects. You may follow my adventures on my new travel site, It’s where you can find my travel journals, photo galleries, and guides. If you want to learn more about my location-independent lifestyle as a traveler, blogger and photographer, you may visit I’m not letting go of Ambot-ah just yet. All your favorite posts will continue to be available here for your future trip planning.

You may also follow me on my new social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or contact me through email for collaboration or business-related matters.

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