I was in a crossroads of life again. Having spent this whole time engrossed at living a free spirited semi-nomadic life and then taking a long breather at home resulted into deep introspection on decisions about my “path.”

I began to ask myself if traveling is something I can endure for the entirety of life (like a free spirit wandering the world) or if traveling is only sanely done in between life stages (like an escape from the normalcy of societal life or when searching for the promise of a more meaningful life).

I wanted to figure out an answer because I was afraid to start over if I went away to “live on the road” too long and then fail miserably. I already have what I consider a “home” … surrounded by my loving family and amazing friends. I could build a good life (in terms of living standards) if I actually invested enough of my time and money on it.

To fail, in my case, means two things: (1) not being able to support myself financially to travel the way I wanted to; (2) coming to the conclusion that I personally can’t handle the life “on the road” or worse, discovering it’s not the life for me. That I had wasted years of my life because I was too naive in thinking that I can escape the life of conformity.

My recent trip to Palawan and Carabao Island helped me to realize that I still enjoy traveling too much to pass it off. Then, being surrounded by inspiring people who love traveling as much as I do and are going at it at full speed was the wake-up call I needed.

I asked myself again if I truly believed I had seen and experienced enough. The answer was a big NO. I don’t even feel like I am halfway there.

I should really learn to stop over-analyzing everything… just get myself out there and really experience firsthand what works, what doesn’t, then make adjustments … not be afraid to make mistakes.

Now I’m excited to travel again. Time to see the whatever part of the world I can afford.

originally posted here but later decided to make a separate post.