Smart Bro Share it Speed Test

So how does the new Smart Bro Share it measure up in I have saved screenshots of my results taken from different days and times.

When I connected to Smart Bro Share it for the first time; 8:30 pm

Two Hours Later; 10:30

I was actually ecstatic that Smart Bro had nearly met its published speeds. The draw back is its high ping rate. This is important since a high ping rate also limits the amount of bandwidth you can receive in your connection. During this time, I wasn’t able to watch Youtube videos without pausing.

Early Morning Today; 4am

Yes, you read that right … 3.06mbps during non peak hours. Youtube videos were loading without pausing.

Late Afternoon Today; 7pm

This totally blows! If it didn’t have a dual internet connection, I would be really suffering right about now. I’ve actually got speeds like this during peak hours since I installed Smart Bro share-it.

I have already contacted Smart Bro to fix this problem. I hope they resolve this issue.

Thanks for sharing!

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